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Samavesh’s Flagship LGBTIQ+ Owned Small Business Incubations and Acceleration Program


In India, approximately one in every 50 businesses is owned by individuals who identify as LGBTIQ+. Despite their presence, these businesses still face significant discrimination and prejudice. To address this issue and support their growth and sustainability, there is a pressing need to establish direct connections between these businesses and supportive leaders in the industry.


By certifying LGBTIQ+ businesses and facilitating their collaboration with organisations eager to contribute to an inclusive Indian economy, we take a significant step towards creating a more equitable playing field in the corporate supply landscape.


LGBTIQ+ Businesses:

If your business satisfies the criteria of being at least 51% LGBTIQ+ owned, operated, and controlled, and meets our other qualifications, we are able to provide certification for your business. Through this certification, we can assist you in harnessing the benefits of your status as a diverse supplier. Become a member to know more about the certification and its benefits for your business. Membership is currently free for a limited time, to know more click here.


         GET GUIDANCE ON: 

  • Business setup, Registration and Compliance

  • Social media and digital shop setup

  • Incubation & Acceleration

  • Skill Building

  • Business tools

  • Capital markets and financial solutions


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